CPS2 Kitbox Label Guide

Create your own CPS2 kit boxes for storage and presentation of your B-Boards.

Guide compiled by dubdubdub
Templates were made for all 5 colored boards ever produced by Capcom for the CPS2. Templates are available in either EPS (Illustrator 10) or PDF formats. All templates are zip compressed.

As far as titling goes, I found the best font for this is Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold or Arial Narrow Bold. Use any condensed bold font you like but please keep it tasteful :)

After preparing your template, they should be printed on 11x17 size (Tabloid) paper. In the past I have used Mactac brand adhesive paper easily available in both Inkjet and Laser flavors at any office supply store. Another great source for paper in larger quantities is Xpedx Paper and Graphics (http://www.xpedx.com)

After they are printed carefully cut along the outer light gray line with an X-Acto blade and a straight edge. The other option is using a paper cutter but I personally don't have very good luck with those.

CPS2 Blue B-Board (Europe/United States)

CPS2 Green B-Board (Japan)

CPS2 Gray B-Board (Asian/Hispanic/World/Other)

CPS2 Orange B-Board (South America)

CPS2 Yellow B-Board (Rental)

U-Line sells the perfect size boxes for this project. The are the 18" long by 12" wide and 3" deep. There is a minimum order of 25 boxes at $1.02 each so find some friends to go in on you with it.

Boxes can be purchased directly from U-Line here: http://www.uline.com/ProductDetail.asp?model=S-11225&ref=1402

If you are overseas and cannot get these shipped to you drop me an email ([email protected]) and I will quote some shipped to you.

U-Line Kraft Literature Mailers

Next step is to buy some foam for the lining. So far the best foam I can find is available at Jo-Ann Fabrics (http://www.joann.com) for $15 a yd. This is 1" thick foam used for cushions, etc. Here is the actual product page but you can get smaller pieces if you go into the store.

You will need to cut the following pieces:
- 1 12" x 18" piece for the bottom
- 2 18" x 2" pieces for the sides
- 2 10" x 2" pieces for the top and bottom

I found the best way to cut this stuff is a really sharp bread knife and a straight edge rule. After the foam is cut, simply spray the back with spray tac adhesive and position. Allow to full dry for a few hours.

This is what your finished box should look like on the inside.

This is by far the most fun part of the project. Stick your labels to the spine carefully to avoid any bubbles. Put your CPS2 B-Board in and you are all set. Now your boards are not only protected from the elements in your home, but also helps if accidentally dropped. Also they look pretty damn good on a shelf, better than a stack of bare boards at least!

Feedback? Questions? Comments? Feel free to drop me an email at [email protected]

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